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Getting Used to Your CPAP Machine

At SleepRight McKinney, we specialize in the treatment of sleep apnea so that our patients can get the quality night’s rest they deserve. For many patients who receive an obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis from Dr. Lawrence, we offer a variety of alternative treatment options other than a CPAP machine. Unfortunately, not every patient with obstructive…
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Study Finds Second-Hand Smoke Exposure Worsens Apnea Cases in Kids

As a sleep medicine dentist in McKinney, our team at SleepRight McKinney wants to make sure that every patient has the ability to enjoy the quality night’s sleep needed to feel rested and refreshed the next day. For many patients with sleep apnea, getting that rest becomes a nightly problem that can take years to…
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Without Proper Help, Sleep Apnea Could Be Misdiagnosed as ADHD

As we have covered before in our SleepRight McKinney blog, patients who experience sleep apnea develop a variety of serious symptoms that cause everything from daytime drowsiness to increased irritability. Since sleep apnea occurs during rest, the vast majority of patients who deal with the disorder on a nightly basis never realize they even have…
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New Studies Further Explore Sleep Apnea’s Impact on Health

At SleepRight McKinney, we specialize in the sleep apnea treatment and other sleep disorders. While many people associate obstructive sleep apnea with nightly snoring, treatment of the disorder offers patients far more than just an effective means of stopping snoring. Sleep apnea prevents patients from receiving the deep sleep they need to feel rested and…
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What Do We Mean by a Goodnight’s Sleep?

While we often talk about how snoring solutions and sleep apnea treatments can provide a better night’s rest in our SleepRight McKinney blog, we don’t often address what actually separates good sleep from bad. As anyone dealing with obstructive sleep apnea can tell you, not all sleep works equally well at helping you feel rested…
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Dispelling Some Common Sleep Apnea Myths

At SleepRight McKinney, we understand that a lot of patients receive conflicting information when it comes to finding sleep apnea treatment solutions in McKinney. In fact, a number of myths surround sleep apnea that make it difficult for patients dealing with the condition to separate fact from fiction. So you have the information needed to…
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