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New Studies Further Explore Sleep Apnea’s Impact on Health

At SleepRight McKinney, we specialize in the sleep apnea treatment and other sleep disorders. While many people associate obstructive sleep apnea with nightly snoring, treatment of the disorder offers patients far more than just an effective means of stopping snoring. Sleep apnea prevents patients from receiving the deep sleep they need to feel rested and…
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What Do We Mean by a Goodnight’s Sleep?

While we often talk about how snoring solutions and sleep apnea treatments can provide a better night’s rest in our SleepRight McKinney blog, we don’t often address what actually separates good sleep from bad. As anyone dealing with obstructive sleep apnea can tell you, not all sleep works equally well at helping you feel rested…
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Dispelling Some Common Sleep Apnea Myths

At SleepRight McKinney, we understand that a lot of patients receive conflicting information when it comes to finding sleep apnea treatment solutions in McKinney. In fact, a number of myths surround sleep apnea that make it difficult for patients dealing with the condition to separate fact from fiction. So you have the information needed to…
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Five Ways Sleep Apnea Can Damage Your Health

At SleepRight McKinney, we understand the importance of a goodnight’s sleep. Getting the rest you need at night helps to set you up for success the next day. But if obstructive sleep apnea prevents you from getting the rest you require, it not only seriously impacts your ability to function at your best it can…
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Sleep Apnea Linked to Alzheimer’s Risk

At SleepRight McKinney, we want every patient to enjoy the quality sleep they deserve. For patients dealing with obstructive sleep apnea, feeling fully rested and refreshed after getting a night’s sleep can feel like a challenge. As we have covered several times in our SleepRight McKinney blog, the restless nights caused by sleep apnea can…
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Too Little Sleep Leads to Poor Eating Habits

At SleepRight McKinney, Dr. Lawrence strives to help provide every patient with the quality night’s sleep they deserve. If you struggle with sleep apnea, you know firsthand just how difficult getting the rest you need each night becomes. Whether you wake up dozens a times a night or just have trouble getting and staying asleep,…
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