Get the Rest You Deserve With an Oral Appliance in McKinney, TX

SleepRight McKinney oral appliance therapy

If you suffer from nightly snoring, wakeup most mornings feeling tired, or cause your bed partner sleepless nights from the noises you make, you may need to receive sleep apnea treatment. If you’ve resisted having your apnea treated because of wanting to avoid wearing a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device at night, our SleepRight McKinney oral appliance therapy can offer you a comfortable, noninvasive treatment alternative.

Clinical testing has shown that oral appliance therapy is just as effective in most cases at treating sleep apnea as CPAP, and the device makes an excellent alternative for those who refuse to wear the uncomfortable breathing mask that CPAP machines require at night.

When left untreated, sleep apnea can cause serious health problems that includes high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, and chronic depression. Don’t let another night’s sleep be ruined by this easily treatable condition. Schedule a free consultation with sleep apnea specialist Dr. Paul Lawrence to see how our SleepRight McKinney oral appliance therapy can dramatically improve the rest you receive.

How the SleepRight McKinney Oral Appliance Therapy Works

Sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissue at the back of the throat collapses during rest. This causes the airway to become obstructed, which in turn cuts off the body from receiving enough air. The brain senses the lack of airflow and shocks the body out of sleep so that the airway reopens. Unfortunately, once you go back to sleep the entire cycle starts over. Patients with moderate to severe apnea can wake up dozens of times an hour which causes the body to receive insufficient rest.

Additionally, the stress and shock this process of waking up continuously throughout the night places a great deal of strain on the body. This in turn increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, and other sleep apnea related health conditions.

To understand how our SleepRight McKinney oral appliance therapy works, simply tilt your head all the way back. If you suffer from moderate to severe sleep apnea, you’ll probably notice that breathing has become more difficult and it might even sound like you’re snoring.

Now slightly jut your jaw forward. As the bottom and top rows of your teeth become closer to aligning, you should notice that your breathing has become more regular and that your “snoring” stops. This is how our SleepRight McKinney oral appliance therapy improves your nightly rest.

A custom-made mouth guard, our oral appliance device sits comfortably over your teeth. The mouth guard is designed to gently reposition your jaw forward, which open up the airway to make it easier to breathe.

That’s it! No loud CPAP machine next to your bed. No uncomfortable mask to wear that interrupts your sleep. A simple solution that offers immediate treatment to your sleep apnea.

What to Know About Wearing Our SleepRight McKinney Oral Appliance

So you can sleep comfortably, it’s important that your oral appliance fit securely over your teeth. To ensure the most accurate fit possible, Dr. Lawrence will take an impression of your teeth that will be sent off to a lab where your custom-made appliance will be fabricated using only the most advanced and durable materials available.

Once the appliance is ready to wear, there will be an adjustment period while Dr. Lawrence tries to find the ideal position for your oral appliance. Each patient varies in where their jaw should be positioned to help treat their sleep apnea. For example, setting your appliance at a 4 might help you stop snoring at night but it’s not opening the airway fully enough to treat your apnea. However, if the appliance is set at a 6, not only has your snoring stopped but your airway is now fully open so you can rest uninterrupted at night.

This process of finding how far to reposition your jaw does require some trial and error until the perfect fit is found.

Additionally, repositioning your jaw during sleep requires the muscles of your face and jaw to work in ways they’re not accustomed. This can cause some soreness during the early days of wearing your oral appliance. However, Dr. Lawrence can provide you with tips and exercises that help retrain these muscles so that wearing your SleepRight McKinney Oral Appliance causes you no discomfort the next day.

Don’t lose another night’s sleep. Call our office today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Lawrence to find out if our SleepRight McKinney Oral Appliance is right for you.